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Yaoi manga worth reading again (and again, and again...)

This was a really difficult choice, I have to say. I have a certain type of personality that I like in my yaoi couples, and thus when I find it, it inevitably ends up in my "Favourite" list. However, even there are some more special then others, and this is one of them: Sakisaka Shou and Hirose Takashi from manga "The Other Side of You".

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Some worth Snarry fiction

 Surprisingly, with my appetite, i found some new and great Harry Potter/Severus Snape fanfictions while searching through the internet. As everybody who knows me knows, my taste leans towards humour more than anything, so you can count that the stories mentioned here will make you laugh. There are just two today, but I hope to reform myself a little a post more often. Here you are.

First one, named Briar Nose, was written by awesome Isis, and as to the plot, it's a classic (not much) fairytale of Sleeping Snape and pricking on the rose Thorn (is that even a pun...? If it is, it's a really bad one, so please ignore). A piece of it to make you catch the bait: 

"He traveled for many days; it had been more than a fortnight, but less than two months, when he came upon the briar rose hedge. He marveled at its extent, and its height, and its sheer thorniness. He admired the dewy pink roses that grew upon it, for roses were in season. Then, drawing his sword, he hacked it to bits."

If that isn't artistic i don't know what is. And here, the second piece of art for today, Diagnosis Undetermined by also great Jaylee. Second bait:

“What do you want, Potter?” the Professor grated out through clenched teeth the moment he spotted Harry walking into the room.
“Sex,” the dark-haired boy answered honestly, and then had to fight back the laugh that threatened to escape his throat when he witnessed the blatant shock that passed over the older man’s face. 
“With you,” he added in after thought, trying to get that stunned expression to stay as long as remotely possible.

So, what do you think?

Wild Rock (nateraz)

Dnes som sa rozhodla napísať niečo o yaoi mange Wild Rock (ešte nie sme rozhodnutí, ako a či to preložíme do slovenčiny) od mangaky menom Kazusa Takashima. Pretože je to ďalšie dielko na našom zozname prekladov. Prvá kapitola by mala byť vypustená 9. 9., ak sa to stihne, lebo vtedy má Miamar meniny. Ak to nestihneme, tak predstierajte, že sme to stihli ^.^

Vopred varujem, nasledujúci text bude obsahovať spústu spoilerov.

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Keby som tomu mala dať hodnotenie, tak na stupnici od jedna do desať, kresba má 16, realističnosť -3, a dej asi 7... Takže dohromady 10 ^.^ Zatiaľ som to čítala trikrát, a viem, že budem zas... A možno si niektoré obrázky vystrihnem na pozadie.